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You want to put your financial and human resources matters in the hands of experienced professionals who personally take care of everything and whom you can trust blindly?
What are your needs?
Whether accounting, personnel and company administration, start-up support, taxes or consulting: we offer services that are tailored to your needs. Talk to us, so you have more capacity for other tasks.
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Overview of our services
We offer a wide range of corporate services, from accounting and tax returns to HR issues and strategy decisions. We are happy to advise you personally and develop individual solutions with you.
Would you like to devote your time to your core business? Then put your accounting in our experienced hands. Or we can also support you locally.
•   managing financial accounting and subsidiary ledgers (software-independent)
•   Preparation of financial statements taking into account business and tax aspects
•   Business Accounting
•   Liquidity planning
•   VAT settlements
Personnel and company administration
Reliable salary management is a complex task and important for a successful business management. It requires precise procedures, care and discretion. Especially in connection with social insurances error rates are high. Exclude risks, we gladly take over for you:
•   Payroll processing
•   Payroll
•   pay slips
•   wage statements
•   Personnel administration (registration, annual declarations, withholding tax, etc.)
•   Employment contracts
•   Social Security accounts
•   Support of workflows
Do you want to optimize your taxes professionally? We will commit ourselves and support you fully or in selective tasks:
•   Tax consulting
•   Declaration of private and corporate tax returns
•   Evaluation of optimal options
•   Negotiation with tax authorities
•   Complaints, Appeals
•   Tax calculation
•   Intercantonal tax exemptions
•   property gains tax
•   inheritance and gift tax
•   Control of tax assessments and invoices
•   Application for VAT
•   Strategic planning
Depending on the size of a company it makes sense to outsource the entire accounting / HR department in order to save costs and resources. You can outsource these tasks extensively to us. Or we can do the tasks on-site as needed. Efficiency through experience and know-how is guaranteed.
As a competent partner we help you in the further development of your business affairs. Just give us a call.
Starting your own business is a big personal step. Important decisions have to be made and many questions have to be clarified. Who sets the right course in the start-up phase has a decisive advantage.
We can support you in the field of a start-up phase:
•   Choice of legal form
•   Define the location
•   Creation of an individual business plan
•   Creating a SWOT analysis
•   clarify company and domain names
•   Preparation of by-laws
•   Commercial Register
•   Registration with public authorities (VAT, Social securities, Pension fund etc.)
•   Accompaniment of operational business activities
•   Setting up an account plan and the accounting
•    tax advice (private and corporate tax)
•   mediation of important contacts (authorities, banks, insurance companies)
•   Coaching
About us
Your satisfaction is our main priority. That's why we deliberately do not delegate any work, but take personally care of your bookkeeping, your finances or your administration. This is how we become to know you and your company in order to be able to advise you transparently and exactly according to your needs. We provide you with first-hand support and therefore, we stay in charge so you can focus on your core business.
Monika Bezmalinovic,
Managing Director
As a professional trustee and economist I know different industries from my own experience. After 15 years in private banking, building and operating an asset management company and several years of experience in the industry sector, commerce, transport and insurance brokerage, I have in-depth knowledge of the individual needs of our clientele.

Start-up support and outsourcing of corporate services are our core competencies. We are happy to assist you also in other languages ​​(EN, FR, ES, CRO, RU)

Susanna Breitenmoser,
Fiduciary Clerk
After almost 15 years working in accounting for various companies, I am now in charge of various mandates at Cronas GmbH with a lot of commitment and pleasure. As a fiduciary clerk I am responsible for financial accounting and annual financial statements in addition to tax returns for legal entities and individuals. I can actively use my foreign language skills with international clientele and I also get to know new technologies, including the world of crypto accounting.
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